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The History- Plastic Pollution (PART TWO)

SHOES – 1950 All new sneakers are partly or completely plastic, and most heels are made from plastic. They are almost impossible to recycle as the plastic is stitched into other materials in complex ways. An issue with blanket-banning plastic shoes is that vegans among others object to animal products, and natural shoes are madeContinue reading “The History- Plastic Pollution (PART TWO)”

The History- Plastic Pollution (PART ONE)

TYRES – 1909 Tires add a lot to plastic pollution. As they rub against the road, the heat generated sheds off bits of synthetic rubber. Rain washes these chemicals off the roads and into the water system, where they make up to 28% of the microplastic waste in the ocean. Before 1909, all tyres wereContinue reading “The History- Plastic Pollution (PART ONE)”